Skincare Shouldn't Be Complicated

Our Empty Jar Promise: If your skin doesn't look and feel better by time the jar is finished, we will give you a refund

Why Use Tallow & Olive Oil On Your Skin?

Dry Skin

Reyic's Tallow Balm is rich in natural fats that deeply moisturize and hydrate the skin, effectively alleviating dryness.

Eczema and Psoriasis

Contains Vitamins A, D, and E, known for their skin-repairing and anti-inflammatory properties, offering relief for these conditions.

Cracked Heels and Elbows

The combination of saturated fats and Vitamin E helps heal and soften rough, damaged skin areas.

Chapped Lips

The balm's Vitamin E and oleic acid content protect and heal chapped skin, maintaining lip hydration


Polyphenols and Vitamin A aid in the skin’s recovery process from burns.

Wrinkles and Signs of Aging

Vitamin A, along with Vitamin E and polyphenols, is crucial in combating oxidative stress and promoting skin renewal

Acne and Blemishes

Oleic acid and Vitamin E offer anti-inflammatory effects, which can reduce redness and swelling associated with acne... Sounds counter intuitive, I know... but it works

Stretch Marks and Scars

The balm's Vitamin A and E content improves skin elasticity and supports the healing of stretch marks and scars.

Other Helpful Properties

The balm also helps with:

  • Rashes and Skin Irritations
  • Diaper Rash
  • Insect Bites and Stings
  • General Skin Nourishment