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Au Naturel Tallow Balm

Au Naturel Tallow Balm

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Reyic's Au Naturel Tallow Balm is the epitome of gentle, effective skincare, specially crafted for those with sensitive skin. This unscented balm is a haven of tranquility for your skin, devoid of the common irritants found in many skincare products.

Why It Works:

  • Tailored for Sensitive Skin: Our balm is meticulously formulated to avoid potential allergens, making it a perfect choice for individuals seeking a gentler touch in their skincare regimen.
  • Rich in Natural Ingredients: The blend of hydrating grass-fed beef tallow and nourishing single-source organic olive oil provides essential moisture and vitamins, aiding in maintaining a healthy skin barrier.
  • Fragrance-Free Formula: To ensure the comfort of sensitive skin, Reyic's Au Naturel Tallow Balm is entirely free of fragrances, offering a soothing and irritation-free experience with each use.

Embrace the essence of natural skincare with Reyic's Au Naturel Tallow Balm, a product dedicated to enhancing your skin's natural health and radiance.


  • Grass Fed Beef Tallow
  • Single Source Organic Olive Oil
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